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Sharm el Sheikh is a city in Egypt also referred to as the “City of Peace” due to the many peace conferences held in here. But there’s truly a lot more to this city than simply being a city of peace. If you are eyeing to go to the land of the Pharaohs, there is definitely no reason why you exclude Sharm in your places-to-visit list.
First off, it is one of the country’s best known locations for beach resorts. In fact, although the Egyptian government has worked so hard in the recent years to develop resorts in other areas, Sharm remains to be the leading Sinai tourist spot for beaches, and it is not very hard to know why.
Ras Mohammed National Park is stunning in all sense: a dramatic arid peninsula located at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, with vibrant coral reefs you will never expect to find. Located 30 kilometers south of Sharm El Sheikh, it is Egypt’s first and best-kept national park. The area got its name because the cliff is said to have some semblance of the features of the great Prophet Mohammed, who was said to have visited the peninsula in the 7th century.
Ras Mohammed National Park is one of the reasons why visitors visit the Sinai Peninsula—it is an excellent place for diving and snorkeling. Underwater, you will find broad and terraced coral reefs, brilliant sea fans, and a wide array of fish. They have more than one thousand marine species. The best dive spot in Ras Mohammed National Park is the Shark & Yolanda Reef, where you can see almost every marine species in the Red Sea. Watch out for the rare scorpion fish, which can only be seen in this area, and also the wreck of Yolanda. Divers are also enthralled by the beauty of Anemone city, a so-called ‘bustling underwater metropolis’ with highways & byways of hard and soft corals. Prolific residents here are the anemone fish, along with other different species you can see in anemone’s harbor and reefs.
The quad-biking excursion takes you riding across the sands at sunrise or sunset, when the amazing colors of the desert are revealed in all their glory. You'll explore crags and dunes as you ride along the sands on a desert escape from Egypt's bustling cities.
We would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Egypt. It's a fun way to see the beautiful desert and the guys that take you along the route thoroughly enjoy themselves and their jobs, and are open to any questions and make you feel very much 'at Home
Snorkeling in the Red Sea is a perfect way to spend a leisurely day in Egypt. Cruise to the Tiran Island situated in south Sinai along the Gulf of Aqaba and explore the colorful underwater world. Snorkel in the waters of the Red Sea and see colorful coral gardens and schools of fish swim. You could simply laze on the beach and soak up the sun or take a refreshing swim in the aqua-blue water of the island.
Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling - is there any better way to spend a day in the Egyptian sun? Escape the desert for a day of relaxation around the protected white sandy Tiran Island. Crystal clear blue water, lagoons and colorful coral reefs are waiting to be explored around Tiran Island, located north east of Sharm El Sheikh in the Gulf of Aqaba.
Enjoy sun bathing on the sun deck, snorkeling at the three different spots on the reef and swim with a variety of different colored fishes, on a fantastic day of fun and sun.
If you want to see Bedouin life, you can visit our Bedouin village where you will have your Bedouin Dinner by candle light and Bedouin music. After dinner, we blow the candles out so that we can watch the stars on moonlight away from the artificial light.
St. Catherine’s Monastery is roughly 230 kilometers from Sharm el Sheikh, and lies at the foot of Mount Sinai in St. Katherine city, Egypt. The monastery is now proclaimed by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, being the oldest functioning Christian monastery in the world.
The monastery was named in honor of St. Catherine, who was one of the earliest Christian martyrs. Back in her days, Christians were being persecuted because of their beliefs. Catherine steadfastly refused to renounce her faith, thus the Roman Emperor ordered to have her executed. After her execution her body disappeared, and legend says that her body was carried by the angels to the peak of the highest mountain in Egypt. Three hundred years later, her body was found and carried down to the mountain. Her remains are placed in a golden casket, which is kept in the monastery to this day.
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